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Jul 3, 2018
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It is mandatory that any player reporting a web-store error on Lavish MC use the following template. Also, we have your receipt on hand from your order, so any charge that was accidental, or false can be refunded.


Minecraft IGN:
Explain the issue to the best of your ability:
Any other comments or evidence to support your report:

Thread Labels

During the course of your issue, some different thread labels may appear next to the title of your thread.
Here is the guide on what each label means for your issue.

Your issue has been received and the staff team is reviewing the evidence.

Your issue has been escalated to the management team.
It may take a few days for a response to be given.
This only occurs on rare occasions.

The evidence has been reviewed.
Your issue has been accepted by the staff team.
Expect to have your issue altered or removed within the next few hours.

The evidence has been reviewed.
Your issue was found to be false and the issue was removed.

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